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Laser Hair Removal

Hair Removal Consultation    Free
Full face laser with neck            $120
Forehead laser                           $30
Cheek laser                                $30
Sideburn laser                            $50
Upper lip laser                            $30
Jawline laser                               $30
Neck laser                                   $40

Popular Laser Combo's
Upper lip & chin                            $50
Cheeks & sideburns                     $70
Sideburns & chin                          $70

Intimates (Women)
Navel strip laser                            $30
Basic bikini laser                           $100
Brazilian laser                               $180
Buttocks laser                               $140


Body Laser
Full arm laser                                  $150
Half arm laser                                   $90
Underarm laser                                 $60
Hand laser                                        $40

Full leg laser                                    $300
Upper leg laser                                $190
Lower leg laser                                $160
Feet laser                                          $40 

Full back laser                                  $280
Patchy back laser                             $170
Shoulder laser                                  $120
Chest laser                                       $150
Abdomen laser                                 $100

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Consultation                                          Free

Skin tightening (Face)                             $250

Skin tightening (Neck)                             $50

Skin tightening (Chest)                            $100

Photo facial (Face)                                   $150

Photo facial (Neck)                                   $50

Photo facial (Chest)                                  $100

Photo rejuvenation for hands                    $60

Cheek vein removal                                 $150

Nose vein removal                                    $75

Chin vein removal                                     $75


PCA Self Neutralizing Treatments

PCA skin consultation                                    Free

PCA skin perfecting peel                                   $150

PCA customized treatment                                $175
(Discussed during consultation) (Approximately 1hr 40 mins)

PCA oxygenating trio treatment                         $125

PCA enzymatic treatment                                  $150

PCA detoxifying pore treatment                         $150

(These are medical grade treatments, that are very unique. They have amazing results with minimal to no downtime.)



Consultation                        Free

Express facial                        $65
(Double cleanse, exfoliation, steam, mask with modalities, skin boosters infused with modalities & cream/SPF) (40mins)

Regular facial                        $80
(Double cleanse, exfoliation, steam, mask with modalities, skin boosters infused with modalities, massage & cream/SPF) (50min)

Relaxation facial                   $100
(Double cleanse, exfoliation, steam, mask with modalities, hot 
towels, Skin boosters infused with modalities, massage & cream/SPF)
(1hr 10mins of pure relaxation)

Facial with extractions          $100

(Double cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions, mask, acne gel or astringent, lotion/SPF, & cold hammer to soothe)
(Approximately 1hr to 1 1/2hrs for acne suffering clients.)

Extraction treatment             $50
(Double cleanse, steam, extractions, acne gel or astringent, lotion/SPF)(30mins)

Dermaplaning                       $110
(Double cleanse, light 
exfoliation, mechanical exfoliation with disposable blade, mask, sensitive skin booster, cream/SPF) This is a great treatment for clients who want to get rid of vellus hair.
(Approximately 1hr 15mins)

Hydrodermabrasion              $165
(Double cleanse, light exfoliation, steam, mechanical exfoliation (machine exfoliates & infuses serums. Its meant for all skin types, including sensitive), extractions (if needed), mask with modalities, hot towels, skin boosters of your choice infused with modalities, massage (only if extractions were not preformed), cream/SPF.
This is a noninvasive, non surgical facial that gives instant results to skin clarity, tone, & texture. (No discomfort) (1 1/2 hours)

Back treatment w/ extractions  $140
(Cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions, acne gel or astringent, skin soothing hydration) (Approximately 1hr 15mins)


Micro-channeling                       $400
(What is micro-channeling? It's similar to 
micro-needling, I like to refer to it as the updated version. This treatment is safe to do during summer, with similar results to laser resurfacing. Micro-channeling uses derived stem cell serums that have aggressive results on your skin & healing process without the unnecessary painful downtime. Because the treatment is so versatile, I'm able to target many concerns: Fine lines, pigmentation, skin tightening (including body), rosacea, acne scars, stretch marks, deep lines, elasticity, & even hair loss. Every client is sent home with 5-7 days use of the serums for every treatment. You can also purchase your own pro size serums to reduce the cost of your treatment. You can't ask for more from a treatment with minimal downtime, & amazing results. (Approximately 1hr 45min)

Micro-Needling                         $300
Double cleanse, skin disinfected, numbing cream applied, skin cleansed & disinfected again, hyaluronic acid micro needled in to the skin, skin soothing mask or aloe vera applied, & lotion. (Approximately 1hr 45mins)

BB Glow                                    $300
(Discussed during consultation)
(1hr 45min)

Mole/skin tag removal        Starting from $10 & Up
Must provide a note from your doctor indicating the mole is not cancerous. 

Glycolic peels

Glycolic peel                               $85
(Double cleanse with appropriate cleansers, steam, bio film, appropriate peel applied depending on each clients needs, neutralizer, post peel balm, & lotion/SPF) (Approximately 40 mins)
Glycolic peel w/ extractions        $125
(Double cleanse, steam, extractions, bio film, appropriate peel applied depending on each clients needs, neutralizer, post peel balm, ice hammer, lotion/SPF) (Approximately 1hr 30 mins) 

Pro power peel eye treatment    $60
(This treatment is amazing for 
anyone suffering with under eye bags, dark circles, or fine lines around the eyes. These custom designed plant derived aha contoured patches are made of 100% bamboo & precisely target under & around the corners of the eyes. This is essentially a facial for your eyes. I also include modalities to enhance the peel treatment patches & lift/tone the upper eyelids. This can be added to certain facial treatments or used as a stand alone treatment.) (Approximately 40mins)

Lash Lifting

Lash lift consultation                                       Free

Lash lift & tint                                                   $85
(Approximately 1hr)

Lash lift                                                             $65
Approximately 45mins)

Lash conditioning treatment             $25


Eyebrow wax & tint                                              $30
(Approximately 25mins)

Eyebrow tint                                                         $15
(Approximately 15mins)

Eyelash tint                                                           $25
(Approximately 20mins)


Henna & eyebrow wax                                         $35
Approximately 30mins)

Henna for eyebrows                                             $20
(Approximately 15mins)

BB Lips & No Filler Lip Plumping

No filler lip plumping & BB lip colour                $65
(Approximately 1hr 30mins)

BB lip colour                                                         $50
(Approximately 1hr)

No filler lip plumping                                            $50
Approximately 1hr)


Face waxing

Eyebrow wax                              

Lip wax                                        $8

Chin wax                                      $10

Sideburn wax                               $15

Eyebrow & lip wax                       $25

Eyebrows, lip, chin,                     $40
& sideburns

Full face                                        


I believe in quality work & customer satisfaction.

Health, safety, sanitation & cleanliness are my top priority. 

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